CNT Industrial Products was established by a team with 20 years of experience in the sealing products industry and expanded to China under the name of Cnt Seals in 2015, firming its position in the global market.

Thanks to our manufacturing technology, we are able to produce high quality sealing elements from all sorts of rubber and plastic materials within a very short period of time. We are also able to respond to existing and potential needs of the industry thanks to our domestic and international partners. In addition to such services, we also provide our customers with training on sealing elements to help them improve the efficiency of their establishment.

CNT Industrial offers fast and precise solutions to your problems without sacrificing quality thanks to its experienced and solution-oriented team. We comply with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and prioritize customer satisfaction in all of our activities.

We value trust:

We aim to be a paragon of trust and integrity by our principle of doing business honestly and reliably at all times.

We value our country:
We aim to introduce innovations that add value to our country’s production and economy.

We value R&D:
We aim to be the innovators rather than followers of new developments.

We value the environment:
We aim to avoid all practices that harm the environment, either directly or indirectly, to create a better planet for ourselves and leave our children the planet that they deserve and to develop products that do the same job by consuming less energy and natural resources, thereby helping others do the same.

We value you:
We aim to make each and every customer as if they were our only customer with our accurate solutions, our principle of never sacrificing quality, and our after-sales approach.

We respond to our customers’ demands and needs with a solution-oriented approach by taking all possible conditions into account, thereby saving them money and time.

  • To provide technical support and personnel training after the sales process to maintain a high level of productivity.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction at all times through accuracy, honesty, and integrity.
  • To share our extensive experience with our customers and achieve the best outcome possible.

In terms of technology and quality, we are aware of the competitive environment of the global market, offer our customers the products and services that will benefit them the most, and strive to ensure sustained customer satisfaction;

We provide added value to the national economy;

We are aware of our responsibilities towards society and environment, and ensure our practices are sustainable;

We aim to do our job flawlessly by continuously improving ourselves;

We strive to ensure our company’s and employees’ future by lowering costs and increasing productivity and long-term profitability;

We work in mutual cooperation and trust with suppliers;

We strive to create the work environment where our employees, the building blocks of our company culture, can become motivated, participating, and creative team members who constantly improve themselves;

We are committed to comply with our Quality Management System documentation, ensure its efficiency via internal audits, and improve it at all times.

Mobile Hydraulics

Providing sealing solutions for mobile hydraulics means dealing with challenging conditions. CNT produces sealing elements for heavy equipment which are capable of working in difficult environments or provides such elements from its inventory of Parker products as a distributor of Parker. We provide Sealing Solutions for Excavators, Bulldozers, Loaders, Concrete Pumps, Concrete Mixers, Hydraulic Breakers, Drills, and Cranes.


There have been some changes in sealing solutions required by the agricultural machinery industry together with the innovations in the industry in recent years. CNT closely follows these changes and produces powerful sealing elements that meet the requirements of the industry with new designs added to its product range. For CNT, agricultural machinery means changing weather conditions and applications exposed to all sorts of impurities in nature. Our products are able to work under such difficult conditions and used not only in tractors, but also in irrigation, tillage, sowing, fertilizing, spraying,  and harvesting machines.

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